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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
P.S. I must add a postscript, to mention a thing I have often designed to ask you to do for me. Since I came to England, I have been buying drawings, (the time is well chosen, when I had neglected it in Italy!) I saw at Florence two books that I should now be very glad to have, if you could get them tolerably reasonable; one was at an English painter's; I think his name was Huckford2, over against your house in the Via Bardi; they were of Holbein: the other was of G-uercino, and brought to me to see by the Abb6 Bonducci; my dear child, you will oblige me much if you can get them.
Arlington Street, Nov. 1, 1742.
I HAVE not felt so pleasantly these three months as I do at present, though I have a great cold with coming into an unaired house, and have been forced to carry that cold to the King's levee and the Drawing-room. There were so many new faces that I scarce knew where I was ; I should have taken it for Carlton House1, or my Lady Mayoress's visiting-day, only the people did not seem enough at home, but rather as admitted to see the King dine in public. 'Tis quite ridiculous to see the numbers of old ladies, who, from having been wives of Patriots, have not been dressed these twenty years; out they come in all the accoutrements that were in use in Queen Anne's days. Then the joy and awkward jollity of them is inexpressible! They titter, and wherever you meet them, are always going to court, and looking at their watches an hour before the time. I met several on the Birthday, (for I did not arrive time enough to
2 Ignazio Enrico Hugford (1703-1778), an art critic and expert, and a teacher in. the Academy of St. Luke at Morence. His portrait (painted
by himself) is in. the Uffizi Gallery.
LETTER 99.—1   The  residence  of the Prince of Wales.